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Climbing kilimanajaro The Peak of Africa - Evarest Adventures

The major draw on this park is attempting the climb to the roof of Africa – Kilimanjaro (5896 m) above sea level and the world’s highest, yet the easiest accessible free Standing Mountain. Standing only at 3 degrees South of the Equator, its snow peaked dome raised major controversial dialogs amongst scholars of the royal geographical society in London (1846-59) thus flooding Kilimanjaro with first ascent attempt explores, missionaries and later opportunistic colonialist.

Evarest Adventures Company is the source for adventure travel vocation for Safari, Mountain Climbing, Beach Holidays and Trekking in Tanzania and East Africa. Evarest Adventures is a registered tour company since 2012 under Tanzania Act, operated by a local Tanzanian professional guide. We have served hundreds of clients from all over the world and we are looking forward to help you plan the perfect safari destination.

Success Rate

More than 98% Summit success rate is one of the things that we value highly; climb high, sleep low itinerary to acclimitize and altitude adjustment to the mountains, has proven again with a healty, energetic and happy to be on top of the Roof of Africa, our continent, comfortable on your own or with a company.


Evarest Adventures constantly innovates and improves our trips, this innovation is what keeps us on top of the game, professionally, for this is a guarantee that keeps you on front and we stand right alongside. We constantly receive gratitudes and messages from our clients, expressing how our exclusive services helped in transforming their lives. They tell us how they have increased their understanding of various tribes and cultures, how their trip has challenged and improved upon their core values, and also increased their appreciation of the many wonders of nature and its fragile environment.

Reasonable Price

Evarest Adventures has prices that are reasonable and you will always get what you pay for and expect even more. Your adventures with us are assured with the knowledge that every detail of your trip has been designed by some of our best professional mountain guides and high altitude experts. Please contact us for further details, we are looking forward to making it happen for you.

Risk Management

In case of emergencies, each group leader or guide has been certified as wilderness first responders the US Standard for the proffessional mountain guide. Rescue is often by wheel or shoulder stretcher until the ambulance reaches. The sick are are often brought to lower altitude where they are almost always improved. Our guides are highly skilled, and careful in judgement. Patient, supportive, teachings and helping others experience the amazement and beauty of their country.

Events Beyond our Control

Evarest Adventures might, at any time, cancel or withdraw a safari trip or trek due to circumstances beyond our control such as bad weather, pandemics, etc. In such events, we choose to cancel a trip for safety oriented reasons, however, compensations will be made and the client might eventually reschedule the trip or get a refund.

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